Our Mission

We create a space for cross-cultural pollination and a forum for discussion on crucial socio-political issues. The UK-Japan Student Conference is an opportunity for highly motivated British and Japanese students to come together and create a shared vision towards a sustainable future. Our ambition is to support students by establishing a thriving network across borders. We value the idea expressed in an old Japanese proverb: ‘Ichigo Ichie’

(一期一会), which speaks to the idea that we should treasure every meeting, for it will never recur. We never know where we might encounter someone who will influence our lives and values — the friendships established through this particular meeting could be such a turning point. We hope to foster long-lasting friendships amongst participants.

We emphasise experiences that challenge our collective biases and preconceptions,

and reveal alternative approaches towards the conference theme. Having nurtured discussions in an international context, we hope participants will bring fresh perspectives back to their own communities. We strive to incorporate a process of discussion, realisation and action into our design of the UK-JP Student Conference. Student-led debate is invaluable in proposing solutions to the most pressing contemporary issues.

The UK-Japan Student Conference is an opportunity to apply the knowledge attendees have gained during their academic careers. We provide a programme that acknowledges and celebrates a diversity of values through interactions with participants from different backgrounds. We hope the week they spend with us is a fruitful and memorable one with many discoveries.

Our Team




Third-year undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh, studying Japanese and Linguistics. Participant in 2019 and academic coordinator for 2020!

Yume is a second-year undergraduate at Sophia University, studying international legal studies! Participant in 2020.

Mizuho is a third-year undergraduate at Nanzan University, studying American and British Studies.

Participant in 2020.



Maddie is an Anthropology graduate from UCL, passionate about grassroots politics and human wellbeing. She is working with Imperial College to develop a guided journal supporting young people's mental health in crises such as climate change and Covid-19.



Finance & Logistics

Aya graduated from UCL with a Master's in Political Philosophy. She is one of the oldest members of UK-JP. She led the summer conference in 2019 under the theme of "Hiroshima and Nuclear Weapons."



Academic Coordinator


Social Media Marketing

Kanako is a third-year undergraduate at the University of Cambridge, reading Land Economy. She was a participant in the 2019 conference. Her main committee role: Marketing!



Academic Coordinator

Eliana comes from an international development background and lived in Latin America working as a medical coordinator. Following this, she studied environmental policy in order to fight against the existential crisis that is climate change.

Social Media Marketing





Academic Coordinator


Finance & Logistics

Haleigh has been working with UK-JP for three years in the Finance and Logistics team. She is a graduate of an MA in Culture, Policy, and Management and studies Japanese in her spare time. She works for the Embassy of Japan, Defense Section, in Washington DC.



Finance & Logistics

First year undergraduate studying History and Political Economy at King's College London. Participant in 2019 and 2020.

Academic Coordinator

Third-year undergraduate at the University of Oxford, reading History & Politics. Participant in 2019 and Academic Coordinator for 2020.