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UK-JP 2017: How Do We Want to Shape Our Future?

Internationalism, Isolationism, Immigration Tokyo, Japan


In UK-JP 2017, we focus on how immigration has been viewed in the light of internationalism and isolationism to address the question: ‘How do we want to shape our future?’ Analysing historical and cultural backgrounds, domestic issues and circumstances, a discussion was held on how these two nations would address the future of human migration.

2016 was a year when immigration was at the core of political debate. Public opinion was reflected in Brexit, the US presidential election, and right-wing parties gaining support in many countries. Social classification, public votes and other Big Data were analysed to estimate what decisions are likely to be made. However, these representations only capture the macroscopic trend of society as a whole, when undermining the value of individual decision-making, the context of such decision-making and interaction on a personal level. We address this topic this year with the hopes of this youth dialogue will be one of many dialogues to come, and that it would yield better comprehension of the multidimensionality and complexity of the problem we face today.

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