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UK-JP 2018: Migration and Labour Rights

Internationalism, Isolationism, Immigration London, UK


International migration is considered as one of the most pressing security agendas in contemporary politics. Therefore, it is necessary to deepen our knowledge on what exactly constitutes a major security threat or cultural challenge. In Japan, millions of Korean immigrants who have permanent residency in Japan identify themselves as Japanese. However locals are having a difficult time accepting them into Japanese society. Meanwhile, the UK has experienced a steady flow of migrants into the nation and has certainly felt their impact over the past few decades, for they brought about great changes in population, wages, productivity, and economic growth. Yet recent terrorist attacks encouraged not only the UK, but many other European countries to close their borders for security reasons. It can be stated as generally true that many existing immigration policies are derived from a perception of threat and the desire to protect their borders and people from “aliens.”

Both the UK and Japan have seen their societies aging rapidly, as well as sharing high demands for foreign labours. However both societies have a strong sense of being one united community -- the reality of accepting foreigners into their society might become a threat to them. Recent research has reflected immigrants are one of the most vulnerable groups who are likely to face racial discrimination and exploitation within workplace. During the conference, we frequently asked questions in relations to migration, identities of immigrants their rights, and the various political action that comes within.

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