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UK-JP 2021: Ethics & Technology

Managing Emerging Technology Online

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In 2021, we tackled the issues at the intersection of ethics and technology. Living in an era of interconnectedness and technological advancement, where digital breakthroughs impact every aspect of modern life; a new wave of information technology, represented by artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and Big Data analysis, has begun to permeate our daily lives more extensively than ever before. From conducting our social lives and shaping our workplace, to the capacity of managing our health, technological innovation must be guided by ethically robust choices. How do we ensure that the technologies we create respond to pressing societal and economic challenges? What policies can improve human wellbeing through technology?

The present moment is a critical juncture in the future of technology. The pandemic is likely to accelerate current trends and shape our digital infrastructure. During UK-JP 2021, we critically considered the transformative potential of alternative proteins, the limitations of technology in fostering freedom of thought or addressing climate change, the ethical questions that arise from cyberwarfare amongst other mind-expanding ideas. We considered the merits of current and future technologies along with the moral dilemmas they entail, and developed policy alternatives to our current legislative ecosystem.

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